Window tinting is one of those luxury features that you might not have added to your car if you bought it new, and it might not have been on your car windows at all if you bought it used.

However, just because you were not able to get tinting included in a previous car purchase does not mean you cannot take advantage of the safety and security benefits that tinting can provide.

1. Safety

Tinting offers drivers more safety over non-tinted windshields because the tinting effectively eliminates glares and reflections from the sun. This might not sound intuitive because the tinting consists of a dark surface that helps block light from entering the car. However, from a driver's perspective, the tinting allows visibility but also offers just a bit of light protection similar to protection from sunglasses. This ability to cut down on reflections will keep you from being blinded as the sun moves across your field of vision.

2. Security

Whether you have a truck or a sedan, you do not want people being able to peer into your vehicle and determine if there is anything worth stealing. Regarding vehicle theft, it does not matter if you have nothing of value in the vehicle. What matters is whether someone thinks you might have something of value based on what he or she sees. If someone thinks something valuable is within easy reach, you could end up with a broken window just because someone could see into your car.

However, with window tinting, a casual passerby will not be able to see through the windshield. In fact, most people will not be able to see into your car unless they have the sun behind them and they bend and peer through the window with their hands cupped around their eyes. Even in this rather extreme situation, a potential thief will have to squint to really identify anything.

During the holiday season, having tinting on your windows can help give you a little peace of mind because you will know that the gifts or packages piled in your vehicle will not be visible by any opportunist.

3. Sales Value

Simply put, because of the safety and security benefits that come with tinting, your vehicle will holds its overall value for much longer than it otherwise would. Additionally, the tinting will keep the inside of your car from fading from the sun. For instance, when your upholstery fades, it is actually becoming more brittle, and the material can more readily rip or puncture. If you have tinting, the upholstery will not end up looking old, which can increase the asking price of your car should you ever need to sell it.

4. Privacy

If you have a minivan or a truck, the tinting can help you in certain recreation situations, such as camping. Even though you can see out of the windshield, anyone looking in will only see a silhouette. Depending on the tinting you select, they might not even see a silhouette. Consequently, you can sleep or even eat in private.

5. Health

One of the best reasons to invest in window tinting involves the sun's UV rays. These rays can age you prematurely, and you might even already be able to see the effects of the sun if the side of your head that faces the driver's window has more freckles or age spots. If you are like most people, you will drive your entire life, which means the side of your face pointed toward the window will absorb more radiation from the sun. This is especially true in Florida, which exposes you to subtropical sunlight. Consequently, you have a greater chance of getting skin cancer. Even if you never get skin cancer, the aged look on one side of your face will be unattractive compared to the relatively healthy side that is positioned toward the center of your vehicle. With tinting, you no longer have to worry about the UV rays, so you will not end up with aged skin on one side of your face.

UV rays also can damage some people's eyes. For instance, macular degeneration can develop over time. Finally, even if you do not have a problem with UV rays, tinting can protect friends or members of your family.

6. Emergency Performance

Window tinting often will perform better in a crash or against debris kicked up from someone's tires. This better performance is due to the film that overlays the window. For instance, instead of shattering when your glass is hit by a rock, the film will localize the impact, creating a small crack or divot, which is easier to repair.

7. Dashboard Protection

As any Florida resident knows, during the scalding summer months, the sun's rays can bake the inside of your car. However, if you have tinting, the temperature will not rise as high, which can add years of life to the foam of which your dashboard is comprised. Without tinting, continuous sunlight can bake this soft material, leading to dry rot. Additionally, a cooler ambient temperature can save energy because you will not have to run the air conditioner for such a long time just to be able to comfortably drive.

8. Better Appearance

In terms of aesthetics, tinting adds a natural appeal to your vehicle, making it more fun to drive or simply look at when its parked in the driveway.